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MyMallow Cutting Kit

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    Marshmallow. Don’t you just love it? Trouble is this sugary confection usually comes in the form of little lumps. And trying to fashion titchy pillows of squish into festive shapes is like trying to nail jelly to the wall whilst putting toothpaste back in the tube wearing boxing gloves. Enter, with a sigh of ‘Mmm, marshmallow’ the MyMallow Cutting Kit.

    Snowflake cutter Star cutter Overhead shot of marshmallow shapes in drinks

    Snowflake cutter

    Star cutter

    Mmm... marshmallow hot chocolates!

    This fantastic kit comprises two A4-ish sheets of marshmallow (one white and one pale blue) and two suitably festive ‘mallow cutters. The idea is to use the cutters to cut out star and snowflake shaped marshmallows, which you can then use to decorate cakes or plop in hot chocolate. Ooh, sweet, boingy decorations!

    Ideal for wintry shindigs, the MyMallow Cutting Kit is the gift that keeps on giving because once the 480g of marshmallow has been gobbled up you can use the cutters for pastries, cookies, cakes or anything else that requires a festive flourish. Go on, squish upon a star.
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