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Tar-like or wishy washy? You decide!

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    Everyone likes a nice cup of tea or coffee. Here at Firebox HQ our caffeine-intake is staggering. But then it has to be because we're up all hours searching for cool products. The problem is, much as we love our hot drinks it's difficult getting brews just right when you're making them for friends and colleagues. Enter MyCuppa Tea/Coffee Mugs.

    These ingenious drinking vessels have got a series of coloured strips inside, a bit like those colour charts you see in paint shops. The idea is to ask what colour people prefer their tea and coffee and then match it to the selected strip by adding the right amount of milk. Clever, eh? And no more tar-like tea or insipid, dishwater-style coffee.

    The colour strips range from Milky to Black with variations such as Dark & Strong and Builders' Brew in between. Just think, with a MyCuppa Mug you'll never mess up a friend's cuppa again - unless you do what we did the other day and chuck in two teaspoons of salt by mistake. Bleurgh!

    MyCuppa Tea/Coffee Mugs are brought to you by the clever clogs creatives at Suck UK, the design team behind countless smart but forehead-slappingly simple household items. And like other Suck UK products we can't believe we didn't think of it first. Drat!

    A perfect pressie for anyone who drinks or makes tea and coffee (that'll be everyone then) MyCuppa Tea/Coffee Mugs are destined to become must-have items in homes, offices and on building sites across the globe. So hurry up and hit the Buy button. Oh, and put the kettle on!

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