My Silver Balloon Personalised Children's CDs
  • My Silver Balloon Personalised Children's CDs

My Silver Balloon Personalised Children's CDs

Sing-alongs starring your kids!

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NOTE:There are 1000s of names available for each album, but please check the list to make sure your your desired name is available before ordering: Name Lists for Album #1 and Album #2
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    One story narrated by Jon Snow

    Kids love a good old sing-along but characters such as Old MacDonald and Little Jack Horner are a bit behind the times. So wouldn’t it be great if you could buy sing-along CDs crammed with ditties name-checking your little angels? You can and they’re called My Silver Balloon.

    Highly acclaimed by the parenting press, these charming recordings incorporate your child’s name throughout the lyrics of various jolly sing-alongs. And we’re not talking old-school nursery rhymes, we’re talking brand new songs designed to get your lovable little crayon-chewers bopping and warbling.

    Kids will be totally wowed, especially when they hear their names bandied about in songs such as Mermaid’s Lullaby and Doogie the Barndancing Dog. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because as well as seven catchy tunes, each CD also contains a bonus bedtime story narrated by Jon Snow – yes, him off the news!

    Silver Balloon CDs are fantastically unique gifts for kids of almost any age. Indeed, experts say nippers can recognise their own name from as early as 4 months, and toddlers can understand lyrics – and we all know that early schoolers can sing-along.

    As for infantile gadgeteers – well put it this way, we still haven’t recovered from hearing the boss’s name incorporated into Sergeant Sum: ‘Attention *Mr Firebox* now copy me, two times two is the number four, if you’ve got that right we’ll do some more.’ And before you ask, no, ‘Mr Firebox’ isn’t one of the thousands of names available.

    Whether kids are boogie-ing to Down on the Farm, learning the alphabet with The Best That We Can Be, or nodding off to Spaceman’s Lullaby, you can be sure they’ll grow up to have great taste in music. Well okay, you can’t, but there’s no harm in teaching them about the awfulness of Westlife asap and buying a Silver Balloon CD. All together now, ‘Put some ants in your pants, let’s dance!’

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