My Side Your Side Pillow Cases
  • My Side Your Side Pillow Cases

My Side Your Side Pillow Cases

You’re invading my space

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    Show your other half who is in charge

    When it comes to double beds, it’s pretty easy to establish boundaries. Your pillows are over there. Mine are over here. Leave a note on the border if you need anything. Simple enough?

    Well obviously not. In a situation that’ll be familiar to a great swathe of the population some people (and we’re not naming names) like to take up both their quota of pillows and a large portion of yours too. For the uninitiated, this is common theft. So we’ve found My Side Your Side Pillow Cases to smooth out any midnight fisticuffs.

    Pillows side by side with cuddly toy

    Great for when you want to prove a point!

    Printed on these generously sized Egyptian cotton pillow cases are clear areas designating how much space is yours, and how much is for your (long suffering) other half. It’s a brilliant tongue in cheek gift for the chronic pillow snatcher. And will finally put the arguments to rest.

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