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My Neighbour Planter
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  • My Neighbour Planter
  • My Neighbour Planter

My Neighbour Planter

Ghibli gardening

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My Neighbour Planter
Brand spanking NEW
  • Bring the forest into your home
  • A green-fingered tribute to cult classic film, My Neighbour Topiary
  • Perfect as a planter
  • Very good as a vase
  • Made from sturdy, durable, lovingly painted ceramic


What better way to appease the wood spirits than by planting flowers in a hollow cylindrical replica of the giant grinning beast himself? (You know who we’re on about)

Get your gardening gloves on, the keeper of the forest is now a viable home for your budding saplings. Thankfully not to scale, this pretty little planter is just the right size for growing stuff, repotting stuff, or even just as a vase if you don’t trust yourself with the responsibilities of plant parenthood.

Bring the magic of the forest guardians into your flat. Mainly for the protective benefits, obvs, but it’s also a really cool little planter that looks nice, soooooo…

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