My Last Rolo
  • My Last Rolo

My Last Rolo

Do you love anyone enough? Well, do ya, soppy?

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    Silver Rolo. All of them come with their own presentation box

    The Silver Rolo with gift box

    "The power of love is a curious thing, makes one man weep makes another man sing." We can only agree with good old Huey Lewis on that score, because when one of our intrepid researchers walked into Firebox HQ brandishing a prototype My Last Rolo, we didn't know whether to burst into tears or song! The point is, giving away your last Rolo is a clear declaration of undying love in anyone's book.

    For this reason, My Last Rolo really is the ultimate romantic statement. Empty gestures such as soggy petrol station carnations and gaudy chocolates that only appeal to pretend perma-tanned ambassadors just don't cut the mustard anymore. This fabulous little keepsake is chic, petite and beautifully packaged in a stylish presentation box. More importantly, it's guaranteed to melt the hearts of cynics and romantics alike.

    Gold plated version

    Also available in Gold plated silver

    Best of all, you'll never have to give away your last (chocolate) Rolo again; simply remind your prospective Rolo robber that they're now the proud owner of a vastly superior silver, gold or pink gold one and you can sit back and chomp an entire pack on your own. Nice.

    At this price, My Last Rolo is not quite made of solid silver or gold, although it's reassuringly chunky and skilfully crafted to look just like the real thing, and bears a full Sterling Silver Hallmark. Besides you can't put a price on love. And here at Firebox we believe in a thing called love. No, really.
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    Officially licensed Nestlé Rolo product - Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

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