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My First Dictionary

Corrupting young minds one word at a time

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  • Vintage children's book meets twisted social commentary
  • Innocent scenarios layered with sinister overtones
  • "Definitions" are accompanied by sweet and nostalgic illustrations
  • Where the hell was this when we were young?
My First Dictionary: Corrupting Young Minds One Word at a Time teaches us that things aren't quite as they seem, life's full of white lies and adults aren't always the upstanding role models they're portrayed as.

Accompanied by sweet and nostalgic illustrations, the author manages to juxtapose seemingly innocent scenarios by layering on a plethora of dark and sinister overtones.

  • Little Peter happily tending to the garden? Nope – he's burying his sister!
  • Dad going for a jog to get some light exercise? Guess again – he's desperately trying to abandon his family!
Where the hell was this book when we were growing up?

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