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My Beating Heart
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My Beating Heart

Heart to Heart

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    My Beating Heart

    Lub dub... Lub dub...

    Transcendental meditation? Pah. Non-stop chanting? Pointless. Yawning yourself unconscious in front of the box? Rubbish. Experts (ie: us) agree that the only way to truly unwind and feel the love is to hug a cushion. But why snuggle up to a lifeless lump of foam when you can cuddle My Beating Heart, the only cushion with its very own heartbeat.

    Designed to help you nap, relax, meditate, daydream and escape stress, this gorgeous fleecy cushion contains clever technology that recreates a human heartbeat. And it’s not just some pre-recorded metronomic du-dumfing. My Beating Heart physically replicates a real ticker’s gentle thudding. It even changes over time. Amazing!

    My Beating Heart

    Super soft

    To bring your squishy companion to life, simply squeeze the heart on its tag which will begin to blink. Once the cushion starts beating it will continue for 20 minutes before automatically turning off. To restart just attach a pair of defibrillator paddles, yell ‘clear!’ and Bob’s your uncle. Failing that, press the tag again.

    Once you’ve enjoyed a few minutes of gently hypnotic du-dumfing you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this ‘living’ cushion. Hold it close and you’ll begin to sense your own heartbeat slowly syncing with the carefully designed meditative rhythm. It’s like hugging a chilled-out cat or a snoozing loved one without the inevitable complications.

    My Beating Heart

    Heart to heart

    A great gift for anyone who needs a hug, My Beating Heart is an ideal bedmate and it trumps listening to whale song, waterfalls and That’s What I Call Ibiza 44 every time. You are feeling sleepy…du-dumf…du-dumf…du-dumf…

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