Muvi HD 720p Action Cam
  • Muvi HD 720p Action Cam

Muvi HD 720p Action Cam

Titchiest HD cam ever?

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    Muvi HD Action Cam

    Watch what you've recorded on a 1.5" colour screen

    The world’s gone HD crazy! But surely the Muvi HD Action Cam is too titchy to record in HD? Absolutely not, because despite its diminutive dimensions, the HD in question stands for High Definition, not Hilariously Dinky.

    Yes siree, this impossibly small micro cam records in stunning 720p HD resolution, so you can capture your adrenaline-fuelled escapades like never before. My, what enormous moguls you have!

    Remote control Micro SD Card Helmet clamp

    Remote control

    Micro SD card

    Helmet mount

    The rechargeable Muvi also boasts an ultra wide 160 degree field of view, 3x digital zoom and a 1.5” colour screen for instant playback on the fly. Better still, as well as hands-free ‘vox’ activation (just holler to stop/start) it comes with a wireless remote so you can control proceedings without touching the cam. Oh really, 007!

    Muvi HD Action Cam
    Just like its SD sibling, the rugged Muvi can be clipped to clothing, used as a webcam or mounted (via various accessories) to virtually anything. Even your helmet. Grabbing a slice of the action has never been easier.

    Muvi HD Action Cam

    1) Muvi HD Action Cam, 2) Carry pouch, 3) Remote control, 4) Helmet mount, 5) Clip mount, 6) USB cable, 7) Instruction booklet, 8) Adjustable strap, 9) Velcro strap, 10) Velcro strap, 11) SD and Micro SD cards, 12) Adhesive mount, 13) Strap, 14) Velcro adhesive, 15) USB - mini USB, 16) Software CD

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