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MusucBag Kids

Snug as a bug in a bag

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    Keep warm

    Keep warm on those camping trips

    Keep your kids bundled up and cosy with MusucBag Kids. These junior-sized outfits are a romper suit and sleeping bag combined – perfect for staying up late, cosying up in the car, watching Saturday morning cartoons, or camping in the garden.

    As you can see, this revolutionary wearable sleeping bag gives kids maximum mobility while keeping them warm as toast. Snuggled into MusucBag Kids, they can move their limbs freely, stand up, walk, cross their legs, cartwheel - whatever. And finding a comfy place to have a nap is an absolute doddle. Cranky? Who’s cranky?


    Available in blue or pink

    Invented by Chilean industrial designer, Rodrigo Alonso Schramm (not him again), the bag features a cosy integral hood, plus reversible zips, so kids can can unzip their arms with ease whenever they need to reach for toothbrushes, applaud your fine cooking or do the washing up. Who'd have guessed dressing up as a futuristic Teletubby could be so practical.

    But what's it like in terms of cosy-ocity? Well its lining is made from soft-touch polyester with a hollow fibre bonded filling. And whilst we're not entirely sure what that means, we do know that each MusucBag Lite can keep your little ones warm when its as cold a -1°C. Brrr-illiant!

    sleeping scale shot

    It's the perfect playsuit for bed time

    Available in Pink and Blue and featuring dual layers and high quality zips, this innovative suit is set to become a must-have accessory for playtime and downtime alike. Dressing gown? How very old fashioned...

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