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Musical Wine Glass
  • Musical Wine Glass
  • Musical Wine Glass

Musical Wine Glass

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Musical Wine Glass
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  • Learning an instrument? Nah, don't bother
  • Musical wine glass that plays 12 different notes
  • Fill it up to the various markers to play each tone
  • Learn your scales in the booziest way ever


From the same country that brought us Mozart (and strudel) come these Musical Wine Glasses; taking an age old trick and making it sing.

Made by the musical wizards at Donkey, each shapely glass is finished with a gold lustre and features musical notations, corresponding with levels of liquid, so while a nice full glass might be a B flat, when you start getting low on vino, you’ll be playing a G sharp.

To make this sweet music, simply wet your finger, take a firm grip on the base of the glass and gently run your finger around the lip... or just gently tap with your fork to hear your musical note ring out.

Perform impromptu concertos with your chardonnay or minuets on your merlot, and if you collect the full set you’ll be able to play a full 12 tone scale.


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6 Reviews

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  • "Came well packaged and quickly. Cant wait to start making music!"
    - 7th of July, 2020
  • "I bought it as a christmas gift for my mother. She loves it!! The glass is good quality and has been used multiple times already."
    - 7th of January, 2019
  • "I mean wine always sounds great to me"
    - 3rd of January, 2019
  • "Quick and efficient from ordering it to it arriving, it’s a Christmas gift for my husband I know that he will love it.xx🎅🌲🎅🌲"
    - 12th of December, 2018
  • "Being tone deaf I have no idea if the notes are right but it is a big enough glass for lots of wine so that’s 5 stars from me 👌"
    - 7th of December, 2018