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Music Stick
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Music Stick

Micro music machine

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    You're not still listening to your favourite tunes via CD or tape, are you? If so, we can only conclude that this is your first visit to, as anyone familiar with our site will know that MP3 is the format of choice for clued-up music fans everywhere. Other formats are becoming terribly last century, doncha know? What's more, MP3 players are getting smaller all the time, so they make ideal travelling companions.

    Music Stick

    If you're still an MP3 virgin it can only be because you are either (A): living in a cave, or (B): a bit of a technophobe/tightwad. If the truth lies in the latter assistance is at hand. The brilliantly simple Musicstick 128MB MP3 Player is one of the best entry-level players we've seen in ages, and it's so easy to use even a complete compudunce will be able to get to grips with it. Simply find a USB socket on your Mac or PC, plug in the Musicstick and away you go. There are no cumbersome cables to deal with as this stylish little device plugs directly in. Just drag your MP3 and WMA files over to the Musicstick icon and you're ready to rock! The MusicStick will hold up to 2 hours of MP3 or WMA music files at reasonable sound quality, up to 4 hours at lower quality.

    MusicStick: scale shot

    Barely bigger than a disposable lighter, the Musicstick looks as good as it sounds. Easy-to-use operational keys are arranged in a thumb-friendly oval, so, despite the lack of screen, finding tunes is easier than playing the triangle.

    Music Stick

    But what about the music? Well, this ultra-compact sliver of circuitry packs quite a sonic punch considering its size, and the earbud headphones are every bit as good as those featured on far pricier players. One AAA battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous playing time - so, unless you're planning on running the marathon in a deep sea diving suit, lack of juice shouldn't be a problem.

    Music Stick: button layout schematic

    Did we also mention that the Musicstick can be used as a mass storage device to transfer files to and from other computers? Well it can. So there! All in all, this marvel of musical miniaturisation is the perfect way to start enjoying the wonders of MP3. It's not big, but it is clever.

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