Music Monsters
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Music Monsters

Sounds Oooh, looks Aaagh!

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    scale shot rear view

    Speaker in the back of the head

    Now, we’re not questioning your taste in music. If you like to listen to the complete works of Shatner when you’re out and about they’re your ears. But if you feel like giving your sounds a bit more ‘Grrrrr’ pipe them through Music Monsters.

    Cute and creepy, with a distinctly urban edge, these mini speakers feature artwork by graffiti artists Pariz One and Dolaso. No we’ve no idea either, but they’re a darn site more exciting than your average portable speakers. And they’ll even attach to your keys!

    Just plug your mobile or MP3 player into their posteriors with the included cable and hit Play. Housed in their monstrous noggins, a built-in 2.5W speaker will give you all the oomph you need for music or gaming on the go. Indeed, with one of these monsters in your pocket, you’ll be surprised how often a little extra audio can come in handy.




    Black Ninja


    Blue Monster

    cable included

    Connect with the included USB cable

    Their rechargeable battery provides around 4 hours of playing time. But if you happen to be listening at home you can recharge them while you listen. Thanks to a handy USB cable they’ll plug into any computer or laptop and be back to full charge in no time. Sounds good to us.

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