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Muscle Massage Gun
  • Muscle Massage Gun
  • Muscle Massage Gun
  • Muscle Massage Gun
  • Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun

BANG! And the soreness is gone

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Muscle Massage Gun
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  • Mind-blowing muscle relief at the touch of a button
  • Improves elasticity, speeds up recovery and reduces stiffness
  • Six different intensity modes, 1200 - 3300 pulsations per minute!
  • Four unique massage head attachments so you can really dig in
  • Endless muscle maintenance for the price of just one real-life massage


What if we told you that for less than the cost of one real-life massage, you could enjoy years and years of heavenly muscle relief?

You may have seen the countless Instagram videos of sports personalities pummelling their muscles into submission with, what looks like, a hand-held pneumatic drill. Well, it's not just some celebrity-endorsed gimmicky gadget, the Muscle Massage Gun seriously works.

It uses repeated percussive vibrations to warm up your muscle fibres before exercise to improve elasticity and prevent muscle damage. These deep and powerful pulses increase blood circulation and reduce lactic acid production to aid recovery and remove muscle soreness and tightness. Suffice to say, it feels incredible.

If you're looking for the hard numbers, this powerful device has six different intensity modes between 1200 and 3300 pulsations per minute – which matches (and in some cases exceeds) the specifications of far more expensive Muscle Massage Gun brands. It also comes with four uniquely shaped massage heads so you can really dig in!

Whether you're serious about fitness and recovery or just looking for some sweet soothing relief, treat yourself to a Muscle Massage Gun.

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  • "Seems to help my frozen shoulder and sciatica."
    - 17th of July, 2020