Munitio Standard Issue Earphones
  • Munitio Standard Issue Earphones

Munitio Standard Issue Earphones

A bullet in your head

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    also available in silver

    Available in silver or gold

    9mm shell cases, SiliconeHollowPoints, Kevlar-reinforced fabric... you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve switched from perma-chirpy online shop to international arms dealer. But fear not! These are actually just some of the features of Munitio Standard Issue Earphones.

    Taking a visual cue from 9mm ammunition cases, these sleek earbuds stand apart from their plasticky rivals. But they’re more than just style over substance. The machined copper housing allows for an incredibly pure sound, distortion free bass and natural noise-cancelling. Inspired by NASA technology, the housing is titanium coated for unmatched durability. Go on, double tap your head with these rounds of sound.

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