Multicoloured Drip Candles

Wick-ed Colours

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  • Unassuming white candles erupt into a dribbling rainbow of colours
  • Each pack contains 2 of these wondrous ornaments
  • Burns (and drips) for approximately 60-90 minutes
  • No longer feel jealous of those bottle candles you see in restaurants
You've probably been sat in a particularly atmospheric restaurant or pub and thought "damn those dribbly candles look good."

You then inevitably buy a gorgeous-looking and highly expensive bottle of booze; consume it all in one sitting, ram any old candle into the top, light the wick and hope for the best – only to discover that it doesn't quite work out as planned. You need the Multicoloured Drip Candles.

These sensational ornaments begin life as unassuming white pillar candles that are miraculously* transformed into trickling technicolour fountains as they burn, smothering your bottles and candle-holders in a glorious rainbow of wax. Not only do they look incredible, they also give off the impression that you've casually been doing this for decades and that countless different candles have been and gone.

*if you're happy with the idea that concealed and colourful wax is miraculous.

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