Mugz Ice Cream Maker
  • Mugz Ice Cream Maker

Mugz Ice Cream Maker

Shake it like a polar bear pitcher

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    Shake your ingredients for 3
    minutes and it's ready!

    Forget forking out for tubs of your favourite frozen creamy treat. With the Mugz Ice Cream Maker you can knock out your very own homemade ice cream in just minutes!

    Just fill your Penguin, Seal, Polar Bear, or Dog with ice cubes, a sprinkle of salt and a bit of fresh water (don’t worry, you don’t eat this bit). Then pop on the aluminium cap and fill with your favourite ingredients. Fit the lid securely and shake for 3 minutes and presto! Instant ice cream!

    The choice of flavours is entirely up to you – rich chocolate and crumbled cookies, tangy lemon and meringue, exotic pineapple and Sugar Puffs – you could even add fruit smoothie and make a refreshing fruit crush. Now there’s a way to get your 5-a-day!

    Different styles available:

    Dog Polar Bear Seal Penguin


    Polar Bear



    The Mugz Ice Cream Makers churn out a single serving of ice cream at a time, making it a delicious summer treat or fun dessert for budding confectioners.

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