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  • MugStir


Your very own cup-clinging spoon

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    Another Quirky product

    Let your spoon hang around with your mug!

    It’s a teaspoon, it’s curved and it hangs on the side of your mug. Yes, we realise that sounds rather blah but MugStir is as no-nonsense as it is brilliant because you’ll never use a yucky communal spoon again.

    Using a MugStir also means you’ll no longer have to sully tea/coffee with one of those disposable wooden stick things or a nasty plastic spoon. You can also steer clear of the disaster zone known as the office cutlery drawer. What’s more, you won’t have to walk around with a regular teaspoon plonked unceremoniously in your brew. As for saucers, who needs ‘em?

    the thre colours available

    You get three colours!

    Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, MugStir is made from food-safe stainless steel with a tactile rubber-coated handle to prevent burns. Best of all, thanks to its curvaceous clip-on styling you can tell colleagues Uri Geller’s been round for tea. Put the kettle on!

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