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Mr P Lamp
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Mr P Lamp

What, no pants?

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    As seen on... The Tonight Show Poor old Mr P. Just as he was getting over the embarrassment of being immortalised in key ring form, he turns up in the shape of a rather cheeky table lamp. And yes, the rubberised on/off switch is exactly where you think it is! No wonder his whole head lights up when you, ahem, turn him on.

    Mr P Lamp

    Be gentle with it!

    In terms of originality, this mischievous little fella leaves most table lamps in the shade. Unless of course you've already seen one with a tallywhacker that doubles up as a switch. But we doubt that, because only a character as endearing as Mr P could get away with being so naughty.

    Thankfully Mr P comes complete with a smart shade to hide his face (but not his appendage). Having said that, we prefer to position the shade at a jaunty angle or remove it completely so we can still see his innocent 'what, me?' expression. Sorry Mr P, you're just too cute to hide.

    Mr P Lamp

    Shy... Bashful... Just Plain Proud!

    Indeed, just like the famous Manneken Pis in Brussels, the Mr P Lamp will garner 'oohs!' and 'urghs!' in equal measure. He'll also garner plenty of grins. He won't, unfortunately, squirt water all over the place.

    Ideal as a desktop lamp, Mr P is so versatile he can be used as a bedside light or even a floor lamp. It all depends on how badly you want to share his embarrassment. Speaking of which, you could always strip off yourself and bung a light shade over your head. But that would only shed light on your strange peccadillos.

    This whimsical exhibitionist is guaranteed to illuminate any situation and add a touch of quirky humour to your home or office. Because let's face it, there aren't that many table lamps that possess a you-know-what. And there are even less that would have the bottle to show it - especially when it's so dinky. Still, it's not how big it is...

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