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Mr P Keychain

Now that's gotta hurt!

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    When it comes to selecting a keychain there's a very fine line between clever and stupid. Hanging the keys to your clapped-out jalopy on a Ferrari fob - now that's stupid. Clever is buying the cute but cheeky Mr P Keychain.

    Why? Well for a start this cute little fellow is highly original - how many keychains have you seen featuring a character that looks like a cross between Morph (youngsters ask your parents) and a naked Smurf? More to the point, how many keychains have you seen featuring a character with a stainless steel whangdoodle that's got a keyring hanging from it? Exactly!

    Mr P Keychain If nothing else Mr P is unlike any other keychain character around. Crafted in sturdy blue plastic, Mr P seems to be striking a pose that says: 'What, haven't you ever seen a man with a metal ringy through his thingy?' Well yes, we have actually, but we'd rather not discuss it on a family website.

    Mr P Keychain Mr P is bound to attract attention whenever you pull him out of your pocket. Is he being rude or is he just misunderstood? We really can't decide - and that's exactly why you'll love him. Just like the famous Manneken Pis in Brussels, Mr P will elicit 'oohs!' and 'urghs!' in equal measure. He'll also elicit plenty of grins.

    Mr P Keychain What's more Mr P is sufficiently cheeky to raise a laugh down the pub but inoffensive enough to show to your gran. (Although Granny Firebox wanted to know where Hannibal and Face had got to. Bless).

    Owning a Mr P Keychain is sure to mark you out as a mischievous scamp but it's also destined to become a classic piece of pocket-sized whimsy. So hit Add to Cart before everyone wants Mr Ps looking after their keys!

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