Mr Men Interactive Plush
  • Mr Men Interactive Plush

Mr Men Interactive Plush

Mr and Misses

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    As anyone who watches kids' TV will tell you, the Mr Men are back. Not that they ever went away, but the madcap new show is a far cry from the sedate, Arthur Lowe narrated episodes of yesteryear. So to celebrate we've got our mitts on these hilarious talking dolls.

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    The whole gang

    Just as cute as the characters in the bestselling little books, Mr Men Interactive Plush come out with silly catchphrases or perform daft movements activated by squeezes, squishes, pulls and even throws.

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    Mr Bump

    First up there's hot potato Mr Bump. Clumsy by name (sort of), even clumsier by nature, this accident-prone, bandage-clad chap spouts increasingly crazy asides the more you chuck him around. Ouch!

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    Mr Rude

    For all you intolerant types, say bog off to Mr Rude. This vulgar little fella yells all kinds of rude phrases every time you widen his mouth and pull out his tongue. Well, wouldn't you?

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    Little Miss Chatterbox

    Next, say hellogoodeveninghowyadoing to Chatty Miss Chatterbox, the cute little lady with more rabbit than a meat counter. Simply give her a squeeze and she'll start jabbering into both of her light-up mobiles at the same time.

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    Mr Strong

    Everyone's favourite fried egg munching body builder is back! Just give his buff-tastic (and less square than we remember) body a squeeze to hear his new catch-phrases.

    Mr Men Interactive Plush

    Mr Tickle

    Last, but by no means least, meet Mr Tickle. Squeeze this over-sensitive character's belly and his long arms start spinning and making tickling motions. Stop them from spinning and he begins to shake and vibrate.

    It goes without saying that Mr Men Interactive Plush are perfect pressies for kids of all ages. And we really do mean all ages because nothing conveys a moral message like a talking toy with an amusingly exaggerated dominant trait. Or something like that. The point is, it doesn't matter if you're being seriously soppy or deeply ironic, these silly characters are cuddle-tastic. So don't be a Mr Grumpy, get ordering.

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