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Mr Meeseeks Heat Change Mug
  • Mr Meeseeks Heat Change Mug
  • Mr Meeseeks Heat Change Mug

Mr Meeseeks Heat Change Mug


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Mr Meeseeks Heat Change Mug
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Brand spanking NEW
  • He’s Mr Meeseeks, look at him
  • Mug changes colour with heat, from one Meeseek to loads of them
  • Like pressing the button on a Meeseeks box
  • Won’t open your mayonnaise jar or make you popular, though
  • Pretty damn good at holding a cup of tea


As if you’d wished for the perfect cup of tea, watch the Meeseeks multiply as you add a hot drink to this officially licensed Rick and Morty mug. Did that make sense? No. But you don’t need to make sense when you’re writing about a mug this awesome.

This heat changing mug is the perfect gift for someone who likes Rick and Morty and also occasionally drinks hot drinks. So, the perfect gift for loads of people. Millions, in fact. You could get it even if you had nobody particularly in mind to give it to, and still wind up getting someone the perfect gift.

While the heat changed version sticks around for quite a while, it begins to fade as your level of hot drink declines - just enough time to enjoy a cuppa before all the meeseeks start killing each other.

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