Mr Meeseeks 3D Mug
  • Mr Meeseeks 3D Mug
  • Mr Meeseeks 3D Mug

Mr Meeseeks 3D Mug


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Mr Meeseeks 3D Mug
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  • Is your mug Mr Meeseeks? This one is
  • Three dimensional and satisfyingly bulbous
  • Like, you could eat cereal out of this if you really wanted to
  • Comes in a nice little gift box, how snazzy
  • Hand-painted for superior detail work


This particular apparition of Mr Meeseeks has one true purpose: ensuring you get your essential daily dose of caffeine. Better make sure you neck that drink fast so he can get on with it and die, it would be unethical to keep him waiting while you wait for it to cool.

Pay tribute to the cult classic Mr Meeseeks episode of Rick And Morty with this amazing mug. It’s 3D! As bulbous as the head of the real Mr Meeseeks, you can fit a whoooole load of liquid in this thing. Our recommendation is a hot drink, but there’s nothing stopping you downing a load of juice out of it.

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  • "Great present for my partner. Says it keeps the drink hot and fun talking topic at work! "
    - 26th of February, 2019