Summer Sale 2018
Mr Knocky
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Mr Knocky

Little Drummer Toy

Product not available at the moment.
  • Turn your manic air drumming...into real drumming!
  • Detachable drums – swap them out for bean tins or shrunken heads
  • Lanyard to hang him round your neck while you're thrashing
  • Adjust Knocky's masculinity with the included clip-on moustache
  • Do a 'Keith Moon' and smash it to pieces when you finish playing


We all secretly enjoy an energetic bout of air drumming every now and again, some fills are just too irresistible (Arctic Monkeys' Brianstorm for instance). You're compelled to screw your eyes shut, bite your bottom lip and flail your arms about like an excitable ape; but now there's a tactile outlet for these uncontrolled urges – Mr Knocky

All the way from Japan (where they seem to specialise in mad creations), this little drummer toy is here to make sure you never miss a beat. Just grab the two handles, start miming a rhythm and is if by magic Mr Knocky will start tapping along in time with you. It couldn't feel more natural.

Sit him on the desk or hang him around your neck with the included lanyard; there's even a handy set of velcro straps so you can remove the drums and replace them with bean tins, pringles pots or freshly boiled eggs.

Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, Ringo Starr, Mick Fleetwood, Meg White – all fine sticksmen; but they pale into insignificance when compared to you at the helm of this pint-sized percussionist.

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