Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
  • Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
  • Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

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  • A deliriously delicious award-winning coffee liqueur
  • Bitter, bold and impeccably balanced
  • A dark blend of pure Australian grain spirit and 3 speciality coffees
  • Coffee beans sourced from New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil
  • Includes notes of chocolate and caramel and a fine citrus edge
  • May well be the best thing we've ever tasted


What do we have here then? We have an award-winning cold press coffee liqueur from Australia. Ideal for anyone who likes coffee and loves a drink.

Created by two men united by a love of bitter, black beverages, Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur is created using a cold-press process to extract the liquid from the coffee infusion. It's then blended with pure Australian grain spirit, allowing the rich flavours of coffee blend to flare through. Yummo.

Truly like no other coffee product you've ever had the pleasure of tasting, Mr Black contains no added flavourings, caramels or vanillas and is a scrumptious, bold a work of art - even sporting an illustration from Australian artist and tattooist Dale Bigeni.
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