Mozart Dry Chocolate Liquor
  • Mozart Dry Chocolate Liquor

Mozart Dry Chocolate Liquor

Choc on the rocks

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    Holding the Mozart Dry bottle

    Mozart Dry

    Think of drinking chocolate and you probably think of steaming bedtime beverages sipped on wintry evenings. But all that’s about to change because Mozart Chocolate Liquors have arrived to slap the face of convention with their bittersweet chocolately deliciousness.

    Created with the choccy connoisseur in mind, this high quality spirit is perfect for making seriously luxe choctails. Mozart Dry is a clear spirit that packs a 40% abv punch and is distilled from premium chocolate macerate. Dry and crisp with a bittersweet aftertaste, it reflects the original xocolatl drink of the Aztecs (it says here).

    Ideal for raving chocoholics and cocktail aficionados searching for something new, Mozart Chocolate Liquors are like nothing you’ve ever tasted. All together now, ‘Mmm, chocolate!’
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