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Mouse Rugs

Mouse mat that's so posh it's a rug!

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    Chances are you're currently surfing across Firebox using a traditional mouse. And, unless you've got a rubber desk (well, you never know), you're probably rolling said mouse across a mouse mat. Indeed, the humble mouse mat is one computer peripheral we just can't live without. A mouse without a mat is like a car without a road.

    Mouse Rugs These ubiquitous oblongs of rubberised fabric help accurately guide your mouse's rolling underbelly/optical tracker, which, in turn, helps guide your cursor across the screen. They really are indispensable. Trouble is, most mouse mats are about as chic and stylish as flushable wet wipes, because they either depict the name of the PC manufacturer (boring!), or feature wiggly abstract artwork that resembles the doodlings of an eight year old wearing boxing gloves.

    Mouse Rugs This is why we were so impressed by Mouse Rugs. These stunningly stylish slivers of patented Lextra® combine the classic beauty of traditional handmade rug patterns with a new hi-tech nylon fibre coating process. The result is a lavish, eye catching mouse mat, sorry, rug, which will grace any computer set up.

    Mouse Rugs are created by photographing, scanning and digitizing real handmade rugs. This means that many of the irregularities and imperfections are faithfully reproduced to make the finished product look like a miniature version of a genuine handmade rug.

    Inspired by centuries-old designs, Mouse Rugs look incredibly regal and will add a real touch of class to any workspace. They feel great too, as the special design means they're never hot, cold or sticky to the touch. Classy fringed edges enhance their tactile appeal and add to the realism, giving your desk (or your dolls' house) a seriously palatial feel. Mouse Rugs have been a huge hit here at Firebox HQ and we confidently predict you'll love 'em. So go on, get a MouseRug and give your mouse a superior surface on which to roam.

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