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  • Motormouth


More than words

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    Fun in the palm of your hand!

    There are loads of describe - the - word - without - actually - saying - it - style games. But take it from us, Motormouth renders the whole lot obsolete. In fact this nifty little handheld gizmo is one of the most hilariously edgy games we've ever played, and we've played plenty.

    The idea is to do whatever it takes to help your team-mates guess the random word on Motormouth's screen before the buzzer sounds. You can describe it, act it out, wave your arms - whatever. Just make sure you don't say it. Correct answers equal points. It's a bit like a fast-paced version of Give Us A Clue (whippersnappers get Googling) minus Lionel Blair and his D-list lackeys.


    Backlit LCD display

    Once your team has guessed the word or phrase (Jordan, Trim your bush, pigmy to list a few..) you must pass Motormouth to the opposition, hot potato-styley. Teams then continue guessing and passing until the time runs out. The team not holding Motormouth when the buzzer goes off score a bonus point. First team with seven points wins.


    Pick a catagory!

    Describe the word (without saying it!)

    Pass that hot potato!

    You'll find yourself saying and doing the most ridiculously embarrassing things to describe the most basic objects, actions, people and places, but as the timer counts down you'll become increasingly desperate. All of which means you'll make a total buffoon out of yourself. Oh, the fun of it!


    Built in speaker

    With various categories and thousands of words, Motormouth will keep you guessing forever. Well, almost. What's more, this brilliant little game is supremely portable, so it's an ideal travelling companion. Take it on your hols, down the pub, to parties - you can even (gulp!) play Motormouth with the family.

    If you're not totally addicted to Motormouth after a few goes we'll eat our…erm…thing you put on your head…one syllable…bloke out of Jamiroquai wears lots…well, you get the idea.

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