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Rock out with your ears out

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    both styles next to each other

    Available in two styles

    There’s been a rash of rapper-sponsored Hip Hop headphones lately (some of which are pretty awesome) so it’s only right that Rock should step up to the stage. And who better to make a stand for sweaty, guitar wielding rockers everywhere than the mighty Motörhead? Please give a warm, internet welcome to the Motorheadphones.

    Combining hard wearing, ‘heavy-metal’ (actually, it’s surprisingly lightweight, just don’t tell Lemmy we said that) construction with superior, velvet-coated comfort; the stripped back black design feature the Heavy Metal heroes’ emblem on both cans.


    Perfect for wearing out and about

    microphone controls

    In-line mic and volume controls


    Great attention to detail

    Iron Fist

    Turn these up to 11

    jack connection

    3.5mm jack (6.3mm jack included)


    Flexible ear cups

    Motorhead with the motorheadphones

    Officially endorsed by the band

    But, as always, these doyens of UK Metal have taken things a step further. Recognising that the key to great headphones is exceptional sound quality, careful consideration has been given to frequency response and EQ meaning that you’ll be hearing the mix straight from the studio.

    The Motorheadphones offer a finely-tuned listening experience, with a focus on guitar-wielding, stage-diving, groupie-loving Rock. Choose from either the Bomber or the Iron Fist, and may the Metal Gods smile upon you.

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