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Mum knows best

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  • The knowledge and comfort you want, when and how you want it
  • A life coach, stats keeper and fitness tracker all rolled into one
  • It's Mary Poppins for the 21st Century
  • Uses unobtrusive sensors that can measure just about anything
  • Let Mother do the hard work so that you can focus on the fun stuff
  • Slightly lazier but really fun 'Father' variant coming soon!


As any parent can probably testify, keeping track of absolutely everything your kids (let alone you) are doing, can sometimes feel like a slippery up-hill struggle. Mother is here to change all that; providing you with all of the knowledge and comfort you need, when and how you want it. She's your family's very own fitness tracker, stats keeper, security system and life coach all rolled into one glorious Russian doll-shaped package – it's like someone has physically crammed Mary Poppins in there.

Mother comes with 4 cookies; you can think of them as her eyes and ears (and gentle, but necessary nagging). Small and slickly-designed, these little sensors blend in seamlessly with your lifestyle and can be affixed to just about anything – person, object or animal! They capture and analyse movement so they can recognise the specific actions you want to monitor and transmit them back to Mother. Temperature changes are also measured, as well as their proximity to the hub itself (herself).

Here's just a snapshot of the different ways you could use them:
  • Remembering to drink more water
  • Seeing how many steps you take in a day
  • Protecting your home from intruders
  • Visualising just how well you sleep at night
  • Knowing that your child has got home safe
  • Reminding Gran to take her medicine
  • Ensuring your baby's environment is the right temperature
  • Turning teeth-brushing into a family game
All of these actions can be viewed at a glance with the easy-to-use smartphone app and you can choose exactly how you want to be notified of what's going on, whether that's by push notification, text messages, sms, email, phone calls or even just simple sounds and lights on the mother device itself.

So if you're searching for a little more organisation in your life, just put your feet up and let Mother take care of everything, giving you the time and piece-of-mind to focus on all of the fun stuff.

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