Mosquito Infuriator
  • Mosquito Infuriator

Mosquito Infuriator

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    Picture the scene: you're lying in bed just about to doze off. It's a balmy summer's evening, or maybe you're on holiday somewhere hot. Anyway, you turn off the light, snuggle into your pillow and then you hear it: the unmistakable buzz of an infernal mosquito. Infuriating, isn't it? And worst of all, you can never find the pesky little critter to give it a well deserved splat until it's incessant buzzing has sent you potty. We've all been there and it ain't funny. Because as far as summer nightmares go, an undetectable mossie droning in the immediate vicinity is right up there with hay fever, heat rash and warm beer.

    Mosquito Infuriator

    So who in their right minds would ever think to sell a device that replicated that maddening buzzing purely to get a cheap laugh? Us, that's who! Yes, fellow ankle-scratchers, the hilariously devious Mosquito Infuriator is one of the funniest practical jokes we've seen in a long time. It might not possess the instant belly-laugh factor that whoopee cushions, ink-smeared binoculars or exploding cigars enjoy, but for sheer malevolence it beats the lot.

    Mosquito Infuriator: hiding...

    Simply pop this innocuous looking little electronic gizmo into your victim's, sorry, travelling companion's pocket or pillowcase before he/she retires to bed, and prepare to spend the next day hearing how some "******* little ****** kept me awake all night."

    Mosquito Infuriator: loudspeaker

    Funniest of all, the phenomenally realistic-sounding Mosquito Infuriator is light-activated, so it only starts buzzing when darkness falls. And as soon your flustered victim turns the light on the buzzing stops - and so on and so forth. Just like cellophane-across-the-toilet-pan and knock-down-ginger, this is one of those jolly japes that's so twisted the joker rarely gets to witness the fruits of his/her labour. But rest assured, you'll be giggling into your pillow for hours at the thought of your semi-naked friend flailing around the room with a rolled-up newspaper and a face like thunder. On holiday or at home, the Mosquito Infuriator is a total buzz.

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