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Moshi Moshi Office Phone
  • Moshi Moshi Office Phone

Moshi Moshi Office Phone

Now you’re talking!

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    plug in the jack

    Plug the 3.5mm jack into the base

    Despite all the features rammed into today’s mobile phones, boffins have yet to invent one that can replicate the reassuringly familiar feel of a traditional handset. And conducting lengthy conversations via mobile when you’re indoors is brain-fryingly daft – unless you’re hooked up to the Moshi Moshi Office Phone.

    Simply plug your iPhone/iPad into this smart, high quality handset (via a 3.5mm jack) and get nattering. You can even use it in conjunction with Skype and iChat*. Best of all you won’t be nuking your noodle with all those pesky mobile microwaves.
    colour choice

    Moshi Moshi Office Phones are available in either black (soft touch) or white (high gloss) finish


    Talk on your iPad using Skype

    Available in gloss white or soft touch black, the Moshi Moshi sits on a weighted base and comes with a silicone mat to protect your precious mobile. Still not convinced? Try this on for size: you can cradle it on your shoulder as you listen to infuriating ‘hold' muzak and slam it down in fury when that nice ‘Brian’ from Mumbai calls for the umpteenth to tell you about some great new offers. Aargh!

    *Via a USB adaptor sold separately.

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