Moshi Moshi 04i iPhone Dock
  • Moshi Moshi 04i iPhone Dock

Moshi Moshi 04i iPhone Dock

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    The Moshi Moshi 04i with the iPhone dock closed

    The dock closed

    Boasting a whole host of nifty functions, the stylish Moshi Moshi 04i iPhone Dock makes a great addition to your office or home workstation. First and foremost a high-quality stereo speaker, it’s also an iPod/iPhone dock and can even make and receive calls! How? Well that’s the clever bit...

    Just like its little sister the Moshi Moshi 04, the Moshi Moshi 04i lets you connect up to two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time. So when it’s not busy cranking out your latest iTunes playlist, you can route your iPhone and Skype (or any other VOIP service) calls through it as well.

    Use the hands-free conference call feature to share a phone conversation with your friends and colleagues. The speaker’s built-in noise cancellation ensures a clear signal at the other end, even if you’re in a busy office. Alternatively, lift the stylish handset from its black base for a one on one conversation.

    This 04i's sleek wireless handset is not only nicer to hold against your ear than a dinky mobile; but by routing your calls through it, you can use your iPhone’s other functions without interrupting your conversation. So if you need to add a date to your calendar, send a picture, or read an email; now you can do both at once! Did we mention you can use the 04i to charge and sync your iPod or iPhone as well? Yes, you can do that too.

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