Moshi Moshi 04
  • Moshi Moshi 04

Moshi Moshi 04

Wireless speakers and handset in one

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    Calling using iPad and the wireless speakers

    Start your conference call

    Make and receive calls from your iPhone (or internet phone service) with the Moshi Moshi Bluetooth Office Handset with Wireless Speakers. This sexy handset is not only nicer to hold against your ear than a dinky mobile; but by routing your calls through it, you can use your mobile’s other functions without interrupting your conversation. So if you need to add a date to your calendar, send a picture, or read an email; now you can do both at once!

    Moshi Moshi Bluetooth Office Handset with Wireless Speakers with iPhone
    Sitting on its black cradle, this ingenious design will also double as a hands free conference call unit, with super high-quality Bluetooth stereo speakers. What’s more, the Moshi Moshi can be paired with two different Bluetooth devices. So whether you’re being called by VOIP, or on your iPhone, you can answer both with the same handset.

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