Moshi Monster Slap Watches
  • Moshi Monster Slap Watches

Moshi Monster Slap Watches

What time is it, Mr Moshi?

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    how to wear

    Slap and wrap around the wrist

    Mention Moshi Monsters around a 6-12 year old and they’ll likely emit a sound so high-pitched it could cut a hole in time. Which is ironic, because this award-winning online game for kids has now spread beyond the humble computer screen, to these amazing Moshi Monster Slap Watches.

    Building on the same features that have made Moshi Monsters such a chart-topping success, these kid-friendly wristwatches are bright, colourful, collectible, customisable and fun! Detach the water-resistant watch face from the strap and swap and change them with your friends. Each of the straps is themed around different Moshling groups in the Moshi Monsters world – Foodies, Dinos, Kitties and Ninjas. But we haven’t mentioned the best part yet.

    4 versions available

    Choose from four different designs (from L-R): Ninja, Foodie, Dino or Kitties


    Collect all four!

    Completely free of any buckles, velcro or other attachments, the straps simply slap around your wrist. Just like the slap-bands of the ‘90’s, they’re incredibly satisfying to use. Simply uncurl the strap into its rigid straight state, then slap it against your wrist. It’ll instantly curl around and comfortably grip your wrist.

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