Moshi Monster Moshling Collectibles Series 2
  • Moshi Monster Moshling Collectibles Series 2

Moshi Monster Moshling Collectibles Series 2

Back for round two

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    Collect Series 2!

    Hold onto your rox! The second wave of Moshling collectibles has arrived. And they include some well-known (and not-so-well-known) faces. The Moshi Monster Moshling Collectible Figures Series 2 includes all sorts from Pirate Pong to Cherry Bomb and even a guest appearance by Lady Goo Goo and Dustbin Beaver!

    If you’re in your pre-teens, the chances are you’ve already discovered the exciting online world of Moshi Monsters and you know everything there is to know about Moshlings- but for all the grown-ups out there (or at least those of us shaped like grown-ups) we'll explain.

    Moshlings logo

    Moshlings logo

    Moshi Monsters is a hugely popular online social network, created entirely for kids. In the virtual world of Monstro City, children can adopt and care for their own Moshi Monster and interact with their real-world friends. But better still, through tasks, puzzles and games their Moshi Monsters can collect pets of their own in the form of Moshlings!

    Everyone keeping up? Good. Because these Moshlings have broken out of Monstro City into the real world in the form of these too-cute-to-be-true collectible figures. Each pack of five contains four regular Moshlings and one Surprise Moshling, as well as a secret code for a free in-game item.

    Which Surprise Moshling will you get? There’s no way to tell, as each pack is completely sealed, but with 24 different Moshlings to collect (including a handful of super rare ones) these are all set to be the talk of the playground. A perfect present for your own little monsters!

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