Moshi Monster Mopods
  • Moshi Monster Mopods

Moshi Monster Mopods

The Monsters are coming!

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    Moshi Monster Mopods

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    Moshi Monster phone accessory

    Somewhere between cyberspace and Earth a strange race of playful creatures exist. Known as Moshi Monsters, these wacky critters are set to take over your life with their hilarious antics and puzzle-playing shenanigans. But in typically surreal fashion Moshi Monsters have somehow muscled in on the world of mobile phone accessories.

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    Incoming call...

    These nifty phone charms contain a Moshi Monster that flashes and spins when a call or text comes in. So far, so nuts. And very handy when you're in a noisy place or your phone's in silent mode. You'll never miss another call.

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    This small MoPod is just
    the beginning...

    As if alerting you to incoming calls wasn't enough, each dome-dwelling critter comes with a unique 'unlock' code that gives you exclusive access to the virtual world where Moshi Monsters live and play. And it's here you can adopt your very own Moshi Monster and get your mitts on a free virtual accessory. See, we told you they were strange!

    Once you've adopted your Monster you can name it and then nurture it with your brainwaves by playing daily puzzles. Earn enough 'Rox' and you can accessorise your Monster, customise its home and even go shopping around the bustling frontier town known as Monstro City. It's yucktastic!

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    Use the secret code online...

    Create and customise your Moshi Monster

    Interact with your new best pal!

    As well as looking after number one, you can interact with other Moshi Monster owners online, read daily Monster blogs, and send and receive Monster Mail. There's a whole new world out there and we guarantee you'll become monstrously obsessed. But what about those crazy MoPod Monsters? Well here's a quick low-down on the characters set to dangle from mobiles, bags and belt loops across the world:

    Meet the Moshi Monsters:

    Moshi Monster Mopods




    are stitch-picking, drool-licking thingamajigs who are all of a jumble. Rock!

    are fangtastically mischievous Monsters with cratery heads full of sizzly-fizzly lava. Yow!

    are super-smooth, but don't mess or you'll unleash a flurry of claws, jaws and lightning-fast paws. Rrrrr!

    Moshi Monster Mopods




    mean well but they're the grouchiest, slouchiest hairballs in all of Monstro City. Bah!

    are flutterly amazing with a sprinkling of magical hokery-pokery. It's enough to give you glittery goosebumps!

    are huggalicious but bashful little cutie pies that just love to boogie. Aww, shucks!

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    There's a whole new world
    out there!

    As you can see, Moshi Monster MoPods are just the beginning of your Moshi Monster experience. And there's much more to come from Monstro City as the place develops and grows. In fact, we feel a global craze a-coming. Things are about to get monstrous!

    Moshi Monster Mopods

    From L-R: Poppet, Furi, Katsuma, Luvli, Zommer and Diavlo

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