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Moshi Monster Clay Buddies
  • Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

I’ve created a monster!

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    Creating a clay Moshi Monster

    Create a clay Moshi Monster!

    It’s alive... it’s alive! *evil cackle* Well, not quite. But just like Dr. Frankenstein, Moshi Monster Clay Buddies let you build a monster of your very own – albeit a bright, happy, friendly one.

    Each pack contains three colourful lumps of modelling clay and pop-out cardboard features. Follow the instructions to mould the body of your Moshi Monster (or Moshi Monster Moshling), then stick on the cardboard features. And that’s it – an instant monster!

    Build your Moshi Monster character:
    Picture of the Moshi Monster Character

    The character

    Clay colours

    Three colourful lumps of clay

    Cardboard features

    Cardboard features

    Each pack contains two sets of features (limbs, eyes, mouths, etc) to change the mood of your monster. Collect and build all 6 Moshi Monsters, or amass an army of Moshlings! With 48 different characters available there’ll be plenty to keep you (or your own little monsters) occupied.

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