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Moshi Bandz
  • Moshi Bandz

Moshi Bandz

Wear, share, collect the rare

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    Collectable, colourful bands

    Unless you’ve been living in an alternate dimension devoid of computers, with your head stuck in a bucket of treacle, you’ll know that Moshi Monsters are the adoptable online critters taking the world by storm. But with over 24 million players and counting, the strange inhabitants of Monstro City have decided to diversify and conquer the world of collectable bands.

    Moshi Bandz are colourful Moshi-shaped silicone bands that can be worn as funky bracelets or used as rubber bands. Take them off and they magically boing back to their original form, be it Monster, Moshling or random Moshi object. Monsterific!

    Blind packed so you never know which characters you’re going to get, each Moshi Bandz order consists of three packs of ten. That’s a lot of Monsters. But with hundreds of creatures to collect, from common to ultra rare, we guarantee you’ll be back for more. This is gonna be monstrous. Grrraww!

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