Summer Sale 2018
  • Morphsuits


Like training pants for streakers

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    Try as we might, we can’t think of any situation where an all-in-one body stocking might be considered “appropriate”. They’re not waterproof, they won’t keep you warm in freezing conditions, and they certainly don’t suck in your lumpy bits. But witness a fully grown man cartwheeling past in one of these stretchy lycra onesies and you’ll understand why Morphsuits are fast becoming this season’s must-have kit for closet exhibitionists.


    Blue, Red and Black. Different colours; equally disturbing.

    Emergency Kittens

    Emergency Kittens
    Here to cleanse your mind from the above imagery.

    Zipping up from the back, these colourful little numbers are thin enough to allow the wearer to see and even drink (straw recommended) without removing the hood. Very handy in a marathon. Oh alright – and festivals, nightclubs, house parties, sporting events and anywhere else a grown-up in a stretchy romper suit might raise a giggle.

    No practical use whatsoever, but ludicrously good fun – Morphsuits let you make an exhibition of yourself with complete anonymity!

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