Summer Sale 2018
Morph Vinyl Figures
  • Morph Vinyl Figures

Morph Vinyl Figures

Dee-doh dee-bee-doh-dah!

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    Holding the Ghost Morph Vinyl Figure


    Having made a small fortune on the horses, or perhaps the plastics boom of the 1950’s, Morph bought a modest pencil box on Tony Hart’s desk and retired. Or at least that’s how it seemed when, week after week, we’d find ourselves tuning in to watch the little brown scamp finding ways to fill his day. Whether he was painting, inventing, keeping fit, cooking or just playing tit-for-tat with his neighbour Chas (unemployed), the cheeky scamp was always up to something.

    Close up of the Paintbrush

    A real art toy

    So to celebrate this cult character and favourite of adults, kids and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, we’re pleased to bring you Morph Vinyl Figures. Each one of these five collectible figures is a dinky caricatured Morph with different accessories. But thanks to a blind-packed box you’ll never know which one you’re going to get! Will it be Painter Morph, Skater Morph, Magic Morph, Ghost Morph or Cricket Morph? Or will it even be the incredibly rare Chas figure? Well, he never did like missing out.

    A great gift for anyone who used to watch Morph with the late (great) Tony Hart, or has since found the magnificent Aardman animations online, Morph Vinyl Figures will brighten anyone’s desk.
    Figures available in the blind packs

    One of these could be in your blind pack (L-R): Painter Morph, Magic Morph, Ghost Morph,
    Cricket Morph, Limited Edition Chas and Skater Morph

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