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Morph It Dough Modelling Game
  • Morph It Dough Modelling Game

Morph It Dough Modelling Game

What are you up to, Morph?

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    A few examples of props
    to masterfully model

    Morph and Chas were always at their funniest when they were going head to head. And now you can join in their ongoing feud. Side with Morph or Chas and put your modelling skills to the test with Morph It Dough Modelling Game.

    In this retooled game of charades, teams take it in turns to shape and mould modelling clay into a prop for these classic characters to use, carry or wear. The rest of the team have to guess the action that Morph or Chas is performing. Guess in time and win! Fail to guess and there’ll be no buns for you.


    Play in two teams. Guess what Morph and Chas are acting out to win the points!

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