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Morning Mug

      Morning Mug

      Wake up, Cup!

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        Holding the mug

        A cuppa tea will do the trick!

        Unless you’re a weeble, getting up is never easy. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Morning Mug feels just the same.

        Straight out of the cupboard, this thermally-reactive cup looks just as sleepy as you are – with downturned lashes and cartoony mouth in mid-snooze. But pour in hot water and she’ll perk right up – eyes open, lipstick on, ready for action.

        The perfect partner for anyone struggling to beat the curse of the snooze button, this female equivalent of the Monday Mug is a great way to wake up. And throughout the day it’s a timely reminder to get your next caffeine boost. ‘My cup’s gone to sleep! More coffee!’

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