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Morning Head

As invigorating as it sounds

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Cures your bed head in seconds
  • Stop showering twice to tame your unruly morning mop
  • Give yourself a precious extra ten minutes in bed
  • Perfect for music festivals, no queuing for the showers!
  • No more precariously dunking your head under the tap


Let's set the scene. You took a shower late last night and quelle surprise, this morning you awaken with a head of horrific unruly bed hair. So then you either take another shower, or you make a watery mess and nearly break your neck trying to wet your hair in the sink. Morning Head solves this infuriating daily dilemma.

Contained within this revolutionary cap is a super-absorbent material that can hold 6x its weight in liquid without dripping. So just add water, put it on your head, and seconds later your hair is completely wet and ready to be re-styled into its former glory. Just like that, the bed head is gone.

It's perfect for bike commuters with sweaty helmet hair, stubborn hat hair, scruffy nap hair (how does it get so bad so quickly!?) or just getting the kids ready for school in a flash. Best of all, because it doesn't leak water everywhere, you can use it on-the-go, even while fully clothed.

Stop showering twice to tame your untidy morning mop and give yourself a glorious extra ten minutes in bed. As the old saying goes – nothing beats waking up to the invigorating sensation of Morning Head.

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