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Mophie Pulse

Those birds seem even angrier!

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    Rear view

    Features cut aways for camera and volume controls

    Your iPod Touch 4G is as good at playing games as it is at playing music. But obliterating star systems and pummelling piggies deserves bombastic sonics beyond its capabilities. So why not shake things up, literally, and add some audio oomph with the über-sleek Mophie Pulse for iPod Touch 4G.

    Ergonomically designed to snuggle around your gizmo, this textured gaming grip transforms the not-so humble iPod into the ultimate gaming device. Integrated speakers emit pulse-pounding stereo sound whilst clever Reflex technology delivers bone-shaking haptic feedback, sending vibrations to your mitts whenever you shoot, bash, crash, wallop, slice…well, you get the idea.

    Whether you’re catapulting Angry Birds into pesky piggies, Doodle Jumping away from UFOs or cutting rope in, erm, Cut the Rope, the Pulse is guaranteed to add a whole new dimension to your screen fondling sessions. Game o-o-o-on!

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