Mophie Powerstand for iPad
  • Mophie Powerstand for iPad

Mophie Powerstand for iPad

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    Use your iPad like a desktop PC

    Your iPad can do pretty much everything bar make the tea (and there’s probably an app for that). But if only it could stand up for itself; angling an object of such elegance against a scrunched-up ‘Jonathan Ive Rules’ T-shirt just doesn’t cut the iMustard. So why not make a stand with the Mophie Powerstand for iPad.

    Stunningly engineered, this sleek aluminium tablet-grabber features a multi-axis hinge allowing you to rotate your iPad 180 degrees while adjusting to a variety of viewing/typing angles. It makes swishing away, Minority Report-style, easier than ever.

    profile view - folded

    The Powerstand folds flat when not in use saving that precious desk space

    multi-axis hinge

    Fully flexible viewing position

    But why is it called a Powerstand? Simple, it charges and syncs your iPad in situ via an integrated mains charger and included USB cable. It even features an LED status indicator and folds flat for travel purposes. A gift from the iGods? Not quite but almost. Chaaarge!

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