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Mopet Robot Mop

It was just collecting dust

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  • This cute robotic mop will be your new household BFF
  • Roams freely and adorably round your house scrubbing your floors
  • So mini it can squeeze into the tightest crooks and crannies
  • Aroma tray and pad releases glorious smelling scents
  • Includes face stickers so you can decorate your new pal
  • Awwwwwwwww


A word of warning: don't be fooled by this little critter's adorable appearance. This is one lean, mean cleaning machine.

What is Mopet? A cute mini robotic vacuum cleaner that's going to gobble all your floor grub with extreme effortless precision.

Mopet moves roams freely around your home sweeping up dust and pollen. Running for a colossal six hours and boasting a ten-minute timer for convenient short bursts - this nifty little appliance loves to eat your filth.

Thanks to its charming and 'aw' inducing size, this robotic mop is ideal for squeezing in and out of the tightest of spots - and of course that microfibre coat can be brushed clean and is easily removed to be hand or machine washed.

The best part? Probably those face stickers that are included meaning you can adorn this cherubic dirt scoffer with cutesie stickers. All together now: 'Awwwwwww'.

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13 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "A brilliant, handy, unusual present 🌟"
    Sarah - 3rd of January, 2018
  • "Present for my wife to save me having to hoover. Works pretty good."
    Barry Ross - 12th of April, 2017
  • "We love our mopet! He has great fun spinning around the floor but gets a bit stuck around the table. All in all very handy for wooden floors"
    Simon - 12th of April, 2017
  • "Fun to have around the house, picks up more dust than expected. Once floor is already clean this gadget keeps it the floor clean."
    Vincent - 2nd of February, 2017
  • "Great gift, gets the job done and its funny to watch if you have pets :) "
    Georgie - 27th of December, 2016