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Mopane Worms
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Mopane Worms

We’re hungry for caterpillars

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    Endangered species? Don’t you believe it. Mopani Worms aren’t showing any signs of dropping off the food chain (worse luck). Which is why we’re bringing this incredible edible to UK shores, all the way from its native South Africa. Well, from a captive breeding project there. We don’t want the locals to miss out.

    Enjoyed by the indigenous population as a delicious snack, Mopani Worms are actually jumbo caterpillars of the Emperor Moth – one of the world’s largest light-bulb botherers. Cooked in brine and baked in the African sun, they make the perfect dinner party surprise, or gift for the friend who’ll eat anything.

    Delicious? We’ll leave you to be the judge – our brave taste testers gave them a big thumbs sideways – but pound for pound they have three times the protein content of beef, making them practically a super food.

    But, of course, we don’t love ‘em because they’re packed with crunchy goodness. We love ‘em because they’re ugly buggly creepy crawlies. Throw them into a salad, fry them with tomatoes and garlic or just munch them as they are with a nice cold beer. Don’t protect them, get stuck in!
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