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    Great to use when space is tight

    Sadly, the Moonsurfer doesn’t allow you to catch a tube over the big cheesewheel in the sky, but when it comes to home fitness it’s a very handy bit of kit. Designed to help with all aspects of your workout, it can be used for cardio fitness, core stability, toning, stretching and balance exercises. Thanks to its versatile shape and features it can be used in hundreds of different ways!

    For example, place it on its curved face and the Moonsurfer becomes a rocking platform for core and balance exercises. Turn it upside down and you can use the curving top as a step for cardio work. Pull out the four casters and it can be used for crunches and stretches. Or attach the supplied rubber tubes to tone and shape targeted areas of your body.

    different exercises

    Loads of different exercises can be done on the Moonsurfer

    abdominal exercises

    Work those abs!

    The Moonsurfer comes with a workout DVD to talk you through each of the exercises and get you started. After that, it’s up to you. Use it however you like, without having to buy lots of different pieces of equipment to complete your workout. And when you’re finished, the compact, lightweight design will slide away, until next time.

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