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Moonshot Gin

Booze with altitude

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Moonshot Gin
Love it as much as we do?
  • Gin made from botanicals sent to the edge of space
  • Exposed to extremely low pressures and temperatures
  • Actual moon rock muddled amongst the other botanicals
  • Small batch, vacuum-distilled London Dry Gin
Take the staple ingredients of gin, add a few extra fragrant botanicals... and blast them into space. That's what the makers of Moonshot Gin did.

At an altitude of around 24km the ingredients were exposed to extremely low pressures and temperatures before finally returning to earth to be vacuum-distilled. As if that wasn't painstaking enough, the makers even used actual moon rock from a lunar meteorite as a botanical!

The result is an utterly unique gin with a striking spiced and citrusy character.
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